Our Team

For almost a century, our nation’s power grid’s fundamental architecture remained unchanged. Today, electricity has become indispensable to our way of life and we now realize how dependent we are as a nation on the steady uninterrupted flow of power.

Smart Grid innovations are rapidly changing the makeup of our grid and taking it from simply a power transmission and distribution platform to an intelligent network capable of dynamically changing to optimize its performance and meet consumer demand. The Concurrent Team has hands-on experience with many smart grid technology applications including automated switching, AMR/AMI and other advanced technologies and has successfully integrated these into existing SCADA platforms.

Concurrent is committed to keeping its management and workforce up to date with the latest in technological innovations by an on-going continuing education program dedicated to keeping everyone current with the latest in Smart Grid systems.

The Concurrent Management Team consists of industry professionals with multiple decades of real-world experience in the fields of electrical contracting, utility construction/maintenance and storm restoration. Included in this experience is the design and development of advanced broadband communications networks which are an integral component of Smart Grid technology.