Our Company

The Concurrent Group is a licensed general contractor founded by industry professionals with decades of experience in the fields of electrical contracting, utility construction/maintenance and storm restoration.  The company was formed to address the ever-growing needs of electric utilities as they expand and strengthen their sections of America’s power grid.

Less than a century ago and in the middle of The Great Depression, our government recognized the need to spend a tremendous amount of precious dollars to bring electricity to rural areas of the US. President Roosevelt stated that it was imperative in advancing our standard of living and for US economic development. He was right. Eighty years later, electricity cannot be considered simply an enhancement to our standard of living, it has become an undisputable necessity for our way of life and – for some – a requirement for life itself.

The interconnected world in which we live today requires the Internet to function properly. The utility companies’ growing deployment of smart grid technology means an ever-increasing dependency on the Internet for communication. The Internet itself consumes 4% of the world’s generated electricity just to operate the data centers and server farms at its core.

The electrical grid depends on the Internet. The Internet depends on the grid. Our national security, our society and our economy depend on both.

Concurrent’s mission is to keep the electricity flowing by providing quality construction, maintenance and restoration services delivered in a professional, safe and timely manner to a growing list of investor-owned utilities, electric membership coops and municipally-owned power providers.